Are you interested in global citizenship and international affairs?

Do you value peace and democracy?

Do you want to be part of a dynamic international network?

This is an opportunity for people to study for a certificate in International Citizenship with the College for International Citizenship, which enhances personal knowledge and experience as well as employability. It is accredited by Aston University, and the entire course counts as five modules, each with ten transferable undergraduate credits. Each module has two units in it, and they are linked as follows:

Module 1

Unit 1: Leadership Skills (26-30 September)
Unit 2: Political Systems (10-14 October)

Module 2

Unit 1: Citizenship (21-25 November)
Unit 2: Education & National Development (3-7 October)

Module 3

Unit 1: Environmental Change & Sustainability (17-21 October)
Unit 2: International Trade & Economic Systems (7-11 November)

Module 4

Unit 1: Peace, Violence & Conflict (31 October-4 November)
Unit 2: International Rights & Responsibilities (14-18 November)

Module 5

Unit 1 & 2: Project Plan (this can also be completed as a standalone module)

This is a full-time course, but it is possible to enrol for units or modules in isolation, as well as the whole course. The whole course costs £1500, or £400 per module.

In order to gain the credit, the criteria set out by Aston University must be met.

Applications for September-December 2011, and March-June 2012 are currently being accepted.

For further information, or to enrol on the course, please get in touch with Mari Yamana on, or by phone 0121 4462206.