Staff - Emma Brown2Emma Brown
Operations Manager

I graduated from the University of Birmingham with a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology.

Since then, I have worked within a psychological capacity – supporting people with a range of issues: Drug and Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Severe and Enduring Mental Health Issues (such as bi polar disorder and schizophrenia) and Secured Care (prisons for people who have mental health issues).

I use these valuable experiences to help support my team at WAITS, and feel that our ethos, ‘to support and empower women’, must start from right here in the office, with the empowerment of the wonderful WAITS team.

My role involves managing the team and overseeing WAITS services; Refuge, Domestic Abuse Service, Community Integration Project (CIP), Befrienders and Volunteers. I am currently designing a workshop and group programme for clients of WAITS, and women from other agencies, to build skills and to offer further support (for example, basic cooking skills, mindfulness, yoga and self-confidence workshops).

Contact Details:
Direct Line – 0121 713 1675
Switchboard – 0121 440 1443
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W.A.I.T.S. Aims

  • To help women take positive steps forward
  • To be responsive to each individual’s needs
  • To provide opportunities for all women
  • To be supportive and helpful

W.A.I.T.S. Values

  • Empowering – Through our work we strive to enable women to think of their future and take back full control of their own lives
  • Supporting – We provide emotional, practical and peer support for women who face challenges and barriers within their lives
  • Progressing – We believe that women need their own time and space to build a secure and sustainable future for themselves
  • Holistic – We help in every aspect of life, as well as providing a link to trusted agencies who can provide further support