Our Vision:

We focus on the development of community based groups and individuals through social action to bring about social change.

Our unique approach is underpinned by a proven methodology of engaging excluded women: Community Organising. This approach focuses on building the leadership skills of local people.

It is a means by which individuals and groups are equipped with a sense of their own power and ability to work for social change through social action. Issues are first identified by women and then through discussion and research, action is organised which will have a positive impact on the issue.

Our Work:

There are three aspects to our work: Community Organising, Training and Support

We work with women from diverse backgrounds to build supportive networks and groups, address personal and social issues, receive training and take action together to bring about change in their lives and their communities.

Domestic Abuse Project:
Whilst helping women address their concerns, we have provided support, advocacy, befriending and counselling for women who have experienced domestic abuse in any part of their life.

Our approach:
Through outreach, our community organisers meet with local community groups and individual women to identify issues of concern and find ways to bring these issues to a public arena.

Our unique training package is tailor made to suit individuals and groups, enabling them to present their issues in a professional and confident manner whilst developing their knowledge of their local community.

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