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Video: Brief interview from The Scottish Refugee Council’s November 2011 conference.

A Congolese refugee women who was previously an asylum seeker in Scotland who has recently been granted asylum, shares her thoughts about the conference.

She attended a workshop about employment and refugee women at our conference in Nov 2011 . She shares her first-hand experience of the difficulties that refugee women face getting in to work after being granted asylum in the UK.

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Refugee Women and Employment:
Barriers to Integration

Integration allows for the economic, social, legal and political participation in society. Employment is crucial for the successful integration of refugees because it facilitates economic and social participation. Moreover, employment provides self-esteem, facilitates contact with members from outside the immediate community, and can offer the opportunity to learn and / or practice English.

Employment also offers a means for some refugees to provide support for their extended family. In general, refugees who are working are economically independent and adjust more easily to life in exile than those who are un-employed or dependent on benefits for long periods of time.

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