Image Credit : Free Range Stock – Greyson Ferguson

Video: Why female-on-male and male-on-female violence are different.

This was the first of The Womens Resource Centres ‘Thought Leadership Thursday’ videos.

Every week The Womens Resource Centre will be offering a critical alternative feminist viewpoint on a current topic in the form of a short two-minute video clip.

The video above is tackling the issue of gendered violence and how the generalisation “violence is violence” is highly problematic.

The first Thought Leadership Thursday commentary is by our CEO, Vivienne Hayes.

Please click here to see the series >

More about The Womens Resource Centres

WRC is the leading national umbrella organisation for the women’s sector, working towards linking all aspects of the women’s movement. We support our members to be more effective and sustainable through training, and we lobby the government on their behalf on a range of women’s issues.

We hope to act as a role model within the women’s sector, as an organisation run on feminist principles and supporting other women’s organisations to live feminist values.

Overall, we are working towards transformational and substantive equality for women. We achieve this through being a thought leader in the women’s sector, joining-up-the-dots of women’s inequality to push for empowerment its true sense: supporting women and women’s organisations to achieve their full potential.

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