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This week, the Birmingham post reported that: Up to 25,000 women a year in Birmingham are thought to suffer domestic abuse, according to new figures.

A council committee was told it was only through ‘sheer luck’ there had not been more murders like Natasha Trevis who was brutally killed by her partner.

The new statistics, based on the respected National Crime Survey, revealed that an estimated 25,223 women in Birmingham were victims of domestic abuse and violence in 2013.

It comes in the week that a Domestic Homicide Review found social workers, police and other agencies missed opportunities to prevent the murder of 22-year-old mother of three Natasha Trevis at the hands of her partner and father of her three children, Junior Saleem Oakes, in 2012.

Crucially, his history of domestic violence was not known to social workers dealing with the case.

The council and police say that improvements have been made and they are working much more closely together on cases.

But Coun Jess Phillips (Lab Longbridge) who is both Birmingham Victims Champion and a manager with Women’s Aid, called for the battle against domestic violence to be given more resources.

She said:

It is like a cancer in our society. It is just by sheer luck there aren’t other Natashas. It is nothing more than that.

The circumstances which led to her death and very much the culture she found when she went for help is the culture that exists all over the country, not just in Birmingham.

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