Birmingham Women’s Charity Wins National Award for Surviving ‘Against The Odds’

Birmingham-based charity Women Acting In Today’s Society (WAITS) was announced as the national winner in the ‘Against the Odds’ category at the Lloyds Bank Foundations Charity Achievement Awards.

WAITS, which helps women facing issues such as domestic abuse, isolation, ill health and resettlement fended off competition from almost 1000 entrants across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands with the inspiring story of their return from the brink of collapse.  Watch the video here >

WAITS received their prize of £3000 at Banking Hall, the historic London headquarters of Lloyds Bank, in a ceremony compared by Radio 4 broadcaster and journalist, Libby Purves.

The story of WAITS’ struggle is all too familiar to the Foundations, whose recent report Expert, Undervalued Yet on the Front Line published in July, voiced the concerns of many small and medium sized charities at risk because of budget cuts and welfare reforms. Yet their story of resilience set

 Paul Streets, Chief Executive of Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales said:

“We are delighted to celebrate the UK winners of our Charity Achievement Awards. WAITS has demonstrated excellent and inspiring practice and with this award are recognised for their achievement in battling against the odds to not just survive but thrive, delivering vital services and literally transforming lives. For over 30 years the Foundation has supported thousands of small and medium sized charities like WAITs to tackle disadvantage in communities right across the England and Wales and we look forward to doing much more in the years to come.”

WAITS through the funding also benefit from the Foundation’s Enhance mentoring programme which is run in partnership with Lloyds Bank.  Jo Harris, Director, Strategy and Development from Lloyds Banking Group, who has supported the CEO through their recent period of change and development described WAITS’ survival as ‘a great example of facing into adversity and adapting’, and regarding its CEO, Marcia Lewinson as ‘a very inspiring lady.’

If you are a Women in need of Support, or Accommodation please contact WAITS on 01214401443 or email

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