2015 Achievement: Left to Right: Jo Harris, Lloyds Director of Strategy and Development; Marcia Lewinson; Paul Streets, CEO of Lloyds Bank Foundation

Happy New Year to all of our supporters, clients and friends

WAITS Vision is: Creating a future where all women are empowered to make positive change.

For me in 2016, WAITS vision translates into encouraging ourselves.

How much time do you take daily, weekly, monthly to give encouragement to yourself?

Speaking positively to yourself no matter how you feel. This could be done by visioning achievements.

Sit still, close your eyes and relive a big or small achievement:

  • How did you feel before?
  • How did you feel afterwards?
  • Finally what was said about you?

By doing this small action you will start to be kind to yourself, recognising your own achievements be they big or small.

By doing this short exercise myself, I see the wonderful personal changes in my life.

One of my achievements this year was in December delivering a presentation to Lloyds Bank on the benefits of volunteering coaching and mentoring to Charities.

Marcia Lewinson, W.A.I.T.S. CEO

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