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Who is suitable for referral to the CIP Project?

Any women who has a history of offending, or is at risk of offending/re-offending; and who has multiple and complex needs (such as experience of domestic abuse and drug and alcohol issues).

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What will happen next?

When we receive your call or referral form we will contact you on a withheld number and ask if you can talk- at this point you can hang up or pretend we are a nuisance call (we will go along with it).

When you are able to talk call us on 0121 440 1443 we will arrange an assessment appointment for you here at the office.

Address: 58-62 Lyndon House, Birmingham, B16 8PF
We aim to assess you within 48 hours of receiving the your call / referral.

The assessment involves completing a form, with the help of a support worker who will take you through it step by step. The assessment form takes around half an hour to complete. This form covers things such as confidentiality and information sharing, your support needs (e.g. if you need counselling or a befriender for example), and who we should contact in case of an emergency.

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