Who is the service for?

  • Women who may have been victims of domestic abuse or at risk of domestic abuse
  • Women offenders, those at risk of offending
  • Women in need of accommodation

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What services do we offer?

  • We offer floating support to Women and those at Risk of suffering Domestic Abuse in the community with or without children
  • We offer short term temporary accommodation (Iona House II & III) to single women located in the heart of the community with communal facilities

You can be helped by the Refuge!

  • Are aged 20 years or over
  • You are female
  • Floating Support – Generic service
  • Encountered domestic abuse or at risk of domestic abuse who require support to live independently
  • Have a commitment to working with us and engaging with support leading to a more stable way of life
  • Moving into a new property, resettle effectively and maintain independence
  • Support with re-housing to permanent accommodation

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