In need for some last-minute inspiration?  Well, our Marcia was invited by the organisers of ‘It’s Time To Be… Bold Brave Beautiful’ to share her story and inspire and motivate others.

The Dictionary tells us that to be bold means to be brave, daring, audacious, confident, brash and self-assured. As a former volunteer community organiser Marcia saw how giving women a space to talk about the issues affecting them, gave women a voice. Having a voice made her bolder.

She subscribes to the philosophy that the simple act of support though a difficult journey leads women happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives, and moreover they were able to make a world of difference and can be the fuel that brave needs to power you forward to a more successful life – whatever that looks like for you.

Marcia is the Chief Executive of the WAITS Charity which supports women and helps them to address issues such as welfare benefits, employment and education, domestic violence, isolation, health, fear of crime and more.

On 16 July at The Botanist in Birmingham, Marcia joined other distinguished guests in sharing the struggles she has endured and how she overcame them.

See details of the past event here:

“The ever-changing funding landscape demands that to remain sustainable through growth, small charities like WAITS need to employ a proactive edge” said Marcia. “In today’s fast-moving society, we must ensure our fundraising approach take on a more experiential-based approach where we offer community centered immersive interactive events”.  Exciting!

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