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Can you support the vital work of WAITS? “A little goes a hell of a long way”

Imagine if you decided to forgo your morning cup of coffee for a month and instead donated the savings to a good cause (like WAITS) to say, help a woman suffering from domestic violence get access to a refuge for one night… how great that would be?

Check out our donation list below to see what your donation can buy and the kind of social impact it could have.

  • Night in refuge per night £50
  • One to one Counselling for 8 sessions £320
  • Overnight Emergency Night kit £30 (100 kits per annum)
  • Toiletries (Personal hygiene) emergency kit £28
  • Attendance at support group coffee morning £8 (bus fare & refreshment)
  • Confidence building and self-esteem Workshop (Group) £200

For general donations click here >

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