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source: Shropshire Star
published: 20 March 2020

People should be more mindful of those who don’t see home as a safe place, police and crime commissioned John Campion said. He said victims of domestic abuse are potentially facing quarantine for weeks, or months, with their perpetrators.

Whilst face-to-face meetings with support workers will become harder to arrange, there is still online and phone-line support available. The commissioner is also encouraging those that still can, to consider alternative places of safety for them to stay in should they face isolation – be that a safe house, or a family member of friend’s home.

Mr Campion said: “This pandemic is causing worries and concerns for a number of us. Domestic abuse victims are facing an additional worry at the thought of being told to spend every day at home for the foreseeable future. There are a number of things we can all be doing to help these people.

If you have offered support to a neighbour to get their shopping, have you also considered providing your number to be a friendly ear?

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