Image Credit : Ace BNI (Birmingham)

We are now halfway through our 2.6 Challenge and are still hanging on in there! Please donate and help our pains to be worthwhile.

We’ve chosen some tough challenges but we’re supporting each other to make it all the way to the end. Shout out to Dean who is powering through despite pulling a muscle in his back.

WAITS Women Acting in Today’s Society supports women going through the most unimaginable suffering and now, more than ever, they need support to help them to safety and on the path to a better, more empowered life. Please donate here >

BNI is the world’s leading business networking and referral organisation. BNI members, on average, increase their business 20% the first year.

Their chapter is a dynamic, committed group of business people who know how to refer businesses to each other.

Thank you in advance – we really appreciate anything you can spare!

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