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source: BVSC News
published: 15 April 2020

A multi-agency campaign led by the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner, West Midlands Police and victims’ services has been launched to give information to the public around what services are available to victims of domestic abuse and to emphasise that support is available to those in need whilst coronavirus continues to present new challenges.

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The #NoExcuseForAbuse campaign, supported by the police, health, local authorities and domestic abuse specialist agencies aimed at providing those who are victims of domestic abuse with the right information on how to get help and end the abuse they are suffering.

Throughout the campaign, digital advertising will be on display at over 20 major supermarkets right across the West Midlands along with a social media campaign and new information about the services in the West Midlands that are there to support victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse has often been seen as a ‘hidden crime’, one which is underreported to the police and is a lot more widespread than figures suggest. One of the objectives of the campaign is to highlight that this kind of abuse is never acceptable and that help and support is available to those who are suffering.

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