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WAITS are delighted to announce the appointment of its new patron.

Jas Mann is the founder and CEO of one of the UK’s largest Document Management Companies. Having forged a reputation driven by his vision, Jas has built a national company where clients are treated highly and accordingly.

Jas’s track record is focused on corporate strategy as well as executive leadership, a detail that has piloted him to becoming the recipient of various accolades of which he credits to having the right management team around him.

Why am I supporting WAITS?

“When I hear of women experiencing trauma as a result of domestic violence, it resonates with me. I too was a victim of domestic violence and controlling behaviour. I also understand how it feels to be isolated. Especially, when the professionals are provided false impressions.

“These misunderstandings can sometimes make asking for help, that more difficult. Fortunately, I was able to escape the physical abuse and I want you to know, life can only get better when the abuse stops.

“It is an honour to have been asked to become a Patron for the WAITS Charity. Working alongside a fantastic alliance will be life changing for us all and it’s vital we all support their efforts. My hope is to raise awareness through my associates and at the same time, offer my skill set to something that affects each and everyone of us.”

Marcia Lewinson, WAITS CEO, said; “A big welcome to WAITS, it is really exciting to have you on board. We are all really excited to work with you.”

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