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source: The Independent
published: 18 September 2020

The Post Office, eBay and the Ministry of Defence are among the first companies to implement a new online portal offering support and advice to victims of domestic abuse.

‘Online Safe Spaces’ has been described by developer Royal Mail Group as a “discreet” portal that can be installed on internal and external company websites.

Created in conjunction with the crisis charity Hestia and the ‘UK Says No More’ campaign, the portal opens in a pop-up window, features a quick exit button and leaves no trace in browsing histories, meaning that those accessing the service remain undetected.

As well as practical information, the site offers advice on when to dial 999 and details of local support groups. Its launch on the Royal Mail and eBay websites is expected to reach a total audience of 32.1 million people.

The portal will also feature on the internal website of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) where it can be accessed by their 20,000 staff members.

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