Staff - Charline CumberbatchCharline Cumberbatch
Support Worker – Domestic Abuse Project

For most of my career I have worked for charities or non-profit organisation which I find rewarding as I feel I am giving back to the community. I have a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Criminal Justice and I also have a Diploma in Health and Social Care.

I have supported women from all backgrounds for a number of years and I have used my skills, knowledge and abilities that I have learnt from working in alcohol, homelessness, substance misuse and probation services to support them.

I believe in empowering women to overcome their personal challenges, whilst taking an empathetic and understanding approach to their situation and needs. I have a passion for working with people and helping them to gain a positive outlook and get their lives back on track.

My role involves supporting women who have experienced domestic abuse/violence in the past, or who are currently experiencing domestic abuse/violence. I provide advocacy, guidance, advice and support with a range of issues. A particular focus of the role is to resettle women into safe properties, so that they can rebuild their lives free from the threat of violence or abuse.

I also signpost women to appropriate agencies, and support them through this process. Examples of the types of agencies I refer to include drug and alcohol teams, family support services, legal services and mental health agencies.

Contact Details:
Telephone0121 713 1673
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W.A.I.T.S. Aims

  • To help women take positive steps forward
  • To be responsive to each individual’s needs
  • To provide opportunities for all women
  • To be supportive and helpful

W.A.I.T.S. Values

  • Empowering – Through our work we strive to enable women to think of their future and take back full control of their own lives
  • Supporting – We provide emotional, practical and peer support for women who face challenges and barriers within their lives
  • Progressing – We believe that women need their own time and space to build a secure and sustainable future for themselves
  • Holistic – We help in every aspect of life, as well as providing a link to trusted agencies who can provide further support