Staff - Jennifer Burris2Jennifer Burris
Support Worker – CIP Project

I have supported adults with complex needs, learning disabilities and mental health issues for over 20 years.

This has given me the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience. In my previous job role, I taught clients with learning disabilities basic cooking and independent living skills.

I saw how this instilled a sense of self-worth in many of my clients, and how this feeling of self-worth impacted on their everyday lives. This drives my passion for supporting people and helping people to believe in themselves so they can achieve their personal goals.

In my current role at WAITS I am able to use my knowledge and experience to support the women I work with.

My role involves supporting women who have offended in the past, or who are at risk of offending/re-offending. I provide advocacy, guidance, advice and support with a range of issues, for example; housing, benefits, employment.

I also signpost women to appropriate agencies, and support them through this process. Examples of the types of agencies I refer to include drug and alcohol teams, family support services, legal services and mental health agencies.

Contact Details:
Telephone – 0121 713 1679
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W.A.I.T.S. Aims

  • To help women take positive steps forward
  • To be responsive to each individual’s needs
  • To provide opportunities for all women
  • To be supportive and helpful

W.A.I.T.S. Values

  • Empowering – Through our work we strive to enable women to think of their future and take back full control of their own lives
  • Supporting – We provide emotional, practical and peer support for women who face challenges and barriers within their lives
  • Progressing – We believe that women need their own time and space to build a secure and sustainable future for themselves
  • Holistic – We help in every aspect of life, as well as providing a link to trusted agencies who can provide further support