no image availableJo Harris
Mentor to CEO Marcia Lewinson

I am a volunteer mentor to Marcia Lewinson through the Lloyds Bank Foundation, and also a ‘Friend of WAITS’.

My role as mentor is to be a critical friend to Marcia, acting as a sounding board for thoughts ideas and challenges.

In my ‘day job’ I am a senior executive within the Retail Banking division at the Lloyds Banking Group.

WAITS CEO says, “Since winning our award, we have received amazing support from Lloyds. My Coach, Jo Harris, has supported us through offering one to one support to myself, and in organising fundraising events for WAITS. In addition to this, being nationally recognised by one of our funders has strengthened our reputation as the go-to organisation for women suffering domestic abuse”. 

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W.A.I.T.S. Vision and Mission

  • Nuture a society where women are safe, valued and fulfilled
  • Empowering women to make positive choices in their own lives

W.A.I.T.S. Values

  • Empowering – We empower clients and staff
  • Clients and Value – We are client-focused and deliver holistic, quality services that provide value for money
  • Dignity and Respect – We treat people with dignity and respect
  • Integrity and Honesty – We act with integrity and honesty
  • Innovation – We are innovative, using creative solutions to meet challenges
  • Diverse Communities – We respect and value the diversity of people in our communities and are committed to fair access to services for all
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