Woman with arms raisedWho is suitable for referral to the DA Service?

Any women who has experienced, or is currently experiencing, domestic abuse. 

Domestic abuse isn’t just being punched or kicked by a partner, there are a range of things that people can do to abuse others, which have little or nothing to do with physical violence against you.

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Things to bear in mind

  • The abuse is not your fault; you are not responsible for someone else’s actions
  • You do not have the ability to change your partner
  • 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives; you are not alone!
  • Domestic violence is against the law, and new laws to protect you are being established
  • We are here to support you

Keeping yourself safe

You may be reading this feeling that you are not ready to leave, or need some time to think about what steps you want to take. Or, you may have made the decision to leave. Either way, your safety is the priority!

Refuge.org.uk provides some very useful information for keeping safe whatever your circumstances:

Some useful websites to visit if you are unsure of whether or not your partner’s behaviour constitutes abuse:

If you feel you are being abused, and would like some support, you can self-refer to our service by clicking here 
If you are currently in danger and need to seek refuge please click here

What will happen next?

When we receive your call or referral form we will contact you on a withheld number and ask if you can talk- at this point you can hang up or pretend we are a nuisance call (we will go along with it).

When you are able to talk call us on 0121 440 1443 we will arrange an assessment appointment for you here at the office.

Address: 235 Dudley Road, Winson Green, Birmingham B18 4EJ
We aim to assess you within 48 hours of receiving the your call / referral.

The assessment involves completing a form, with the help of a support worker who will take you through it step by step. The assessment form takes around half an hour to complete. This form covers things such as confidentiality and information sharing, your support needs (e.g. if you need counselling or a befriender for example), and who we should contact in case of an emergency.

The assessment will tell us if, and how, we can best support you:

  • If our services are suitable for you, you will be assigned a support worker who will provide one-to-one support sessions (which might mean going to meetings with you, helping you to claim benefits, applying for suitable accommodation or just to simply have a chat).
  • If our services do not best meet your needs, we will signpost you to the appropriate agency and ensure that the referral is picked up for you.

What do we offer?

One-to-one support: You will be assigned a support worker who will work with you on a one-to-one basis to devise a support plan of your goals and needs, and help you to achieve these goals and access support for any additional needs you may have. Unlike some of the other organisations, WAITS are not time-bound, meaning we can support you until you are ready to move on.

Advocacy: supporting you with making difficult/important phone calls, speaking on your behalf if you feel unable to do so- ensuring you have a voice even when you feel most vulnerable.

Agency Co-ordination: Some women, especially those with multiple and complex needs find themselves having to repeat their stories over and over again, or may feel overwhelmed when having to arrange lots of different appointments. If you are receiving support from WAITS, we will help to organise and co-ordinate all the agencies involved in your care, so you can concentrate on the more important bit!

Workshops: For more information on our workshops click here.  This is just a taster of the support we offer, for more information on the services we provide click here

Or for our events calendar click here

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