WAITS Women in Action 300x210WAITS is a women’s support and educational charity which was established in 1992

WAITS mission is to enable women from diverse communities within the West Midlands to develop themselves and others. Our two main areas of work.

1) women’s support and development services which supports vulnerable women, female offenders and women affected by domestic abuse, in particular BAME and Chinese women, through advocacy, counselling and consultations.

2) Second area of work empowering women through building their leadership skills to have a voice in decision making and service deliver.


JustGiving : Make a donationWhy the community needs W.A.I.T.S.

Our work is needed in the community to change the statistics below: Women are still under-represented in their communities; Out of 650 MPs in Britain 104 are female; Women earn 17.4% less than men doing the same job; 2 women a week in England and Wales are killed by a violent partner/ex-partner, women are almost 40% of all homicide victims (Home Office, 2005); Children who have witnessed domestic violence are 2 times more likely to develop behavioural problems than other children (British Crime survey).

Currently fundraising for WAITS :  Elinor Stone  |  Pat Short  |  Anna Chipperfield

Results and outcomes

In 2011 WAITS provided support, training and advocacy to 500 women, 242 of whom had experienced Domestic Abuse Enabled women to get involved in their communities: become school governors. Received training on Domestic Abuse confidence building stress management, and skills to beat the recession and overcome hardship. In 2012 WAITS opened Iona House supported accommodation for women affected by Domestic Abuse that lead to offending behaviour.

W.A.I.T.S. Vision and Mission

  • Nuture a society where women are safe, valued and fulfilled
  • Empowering women to make positive choices in their own lives

W.A.I.T.S. Values

  • Empowering – We empower clients and staff
  • Clients and Value – We are client-focused and deliver holistic, quality services that provide value for money
  • Dignity and Respect – We treat people with dignity and respect
  • Integrity and Honesty – We act with integrity and honesty
  • Innovation – We are innovative, using creative solutions to meet challenges
  • Diverse Communities – We respect and value the diversity of people in our communities and are committed to fair access to services for all

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